The smartest home improvement investment you can make, period.

So who out there has read one of those articles in the last few years that ranks the smartest home improvement projects?  They usually have painting your home as one if the top items, returning 90% of your dollars invested.  Sometimes they have a kitchen or bathroom remodel as a good investment as well - returning up to 80% of investment if done right.  Well I can't wait for them to revisit those rankings now that our bulb-free LED retrofit lighting is available.  Let's set aside the immediate enjoyment you'll get from having bright, dynamic lighting in your home and focus this particular discussion on long-term energy savings.  Since Refresh Lighting products lasts so long and are so energy efficient, you are going to make back your investment several times over.  Purely from energy savings (versus incandescent bulbs) you will make back your Refresh Lighting investment in about 5 years... but the lights will last over 40 years. That's about an 800% return on investment!  And this doesn't even factor in the energy savings of reducing the load on your A/C because our lights run 12x cooler than incandescent bulbs.  When you compare this 800% Refresh Lighting ROI to a paltry 80% ROI for remodeling a bathroom - it's no contest.  Best lighting performance + highest energy efficiency = smartest home improvement investment, period.

 Check out our new flyer!

Check out our new flyer!

So what is "Hassle-Free Warranty Service" anyway?

Hassle-Free Warranty Service is our attempt to rewrite the rules of engagement with lighting professionals in instances where a product malfunctions.  Prior to Refresh Lighting, if you encountered an issue with a light fixture (or dimmer) installed by a handyman or electrician - when they come fix it they charge you a 1.5 hour minimum fee to diagnose the issue and uninstall it.  If it's under manufacturer warranty, you have to dig up the paperwork and work thru the hassle of getting a replacement.  Then you have to pay a fee to have the handyman/electrician reinstall new product!  The hassle and expense can add up fast. However that's where Refresh Lighting offers something different, we call it "Hassle-Free Warranty Service".  What this means is if you have any issues with lighting products we install we will come fix the issue free of charge - no house call fee, uninstall fee or re-installation fee - for as long as the product is under warranty (typically 5 years).  It's our way of trying to improve the customer service experience on par with what bulb-free LED lighting has done for the home lighting experience.

In the end have confidence you will not have any mechanical issues with our lighting products (our retrofit fixtures are typically rated at 50,000+ hours)... but rest assured Refresh Lighting has you covered if you do.

Why switching to "bulb-free" LED light fixtures is the right choice.

The first time I installed a new bulb-free LED light fixture for a customer (about 6 months ago), it was a life changing moment for me.  I know... what a nerd, right?  But the reason it was such a big deal - other than the fact it would result in me forming Refresh Lighting - was that it represented a big leap, the right leap, in lighting technology.  Sure there have been LED light bulbs available for quite awhile now, but adapting an LED to a light bulb shape in order to fit into a traditional light fixture is not optimal - it compromises what LED's are capable of.  That's where the benefits of the "bulb-free" LED light fixture... shine. An LED in the shape of a light bulb offers extended lifespan (typically 10K hours), but a high quality bulb-less LED fixture on the other hand is rated at 50,000+ hours... that's over 40 years based on typical usage!  You'll likely never have to change a light in your ceiling again. Further, an LED in the shape of a light bulb is brighter than traditional bulbs, but may hum when dimmed and the color accuracy is erratic. That's better than a dingy, slow-to-turn-on CFL bulb (that typically isn't even dimmable), but compared to a high quality bulb-free LED fixture that doesn't hum when dimmed and offers very high color accuracy - it's a big deal.  And last but not least, an LED in the shape of a light bulb means you still have a clunky, bulbous light fixture or a cavity in your ceiling (for recessed fixtures).  However a bulb-less LED fixture is sealed (no gaps) and is very low profile which means you put the focus on the colors of your walls, your artwork, and your interior decorations - shifting focus away from clumsy light fixtures that really shouldn't be seen at all.  :-)

Update (9/24/16):  It appears there is a divide forming in the lighting industry between LED bulb manufacturers and LED bulb-free fixture manufacturers.  From what I have been able to gather the bulb makers are scared that the longevity of LED is going to put them out of business so they have been purposely reducing the lifespan of the bulbs so that people will have to replace them more often.  All the more reason to upgrade to bulb-free LED fixtures with a 50,000+ hour lifespan. 

 Here is a recessed light that we replaced with a bulb-free LED fixture. 

Here is a recessed light that we replaced with a bulb-free LED fixture. 

 Here is an flush mount fixture that we replaced with a bulb-free LED fixture.    (Pictures taken with the same camera and no photo altering was performed.)

Here is an flush mount fixture that we replaced with a bulb-free LED fixture.  

(Pictures taken with the same camera and no photo altering was performed.)